Bookpage: “Behind the Book”
When my oldest son started running cross-country, I learned about singlets and starting guns, warmups and runners cramps, muddy trails and fartleks. And really, what aspiring children’s book author could resist writing about a sport that has a term like ‘fartlek?’
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An Indies Introduce Q&A with Dave Shallenberger, co-owner of Little Shop of Stories
Dave: One of my favorite aspects of Sidetracked was Joseph’s voice; it felt very authentic. What was your process for capturing a seventh-grade boy’s inner thoughts so effectively?
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Interview with Deborah Kalb of Book Q & As
I’ve spoken with kids who tell me they trudged through their summer reading assignments, resenting every minute of it, then they flew through Sidetracked and really enjoyed it. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.
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